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F456- A Million Could Be Years

What better way to start to wrap this business up than with a mixer between the old and new? Why yes, getting a bunch of disparate godly beings in one place and then getting them drunk IS a good way to get to know everybody. If a ringing endorsement like "they're pretty okay" doesn't kick things off, maybe some trust fall exercises will?

During their big story time, chat was pretty adamant that there was something more to Poison and Love and Jin's words here are the final clue. Just as the ghosts of the Tarot made up some of the spirits the new Sins met along the way, Poison and Love have a bit of the old world in them too. Unofficially officially, they aren't direct reincarnations, but I wrote Poison and Love with the intention that they were partly made up of the energy from Lust and Rhett, but mixed together so they were whole new creations. Kind of like Love is two parts Rhett, one part Lust, and one part something new while Poison is two parts Lust, one part Rhett, and one part something new. Poison is her island's doctor while Lust had her first real interactions and coming to power while working as a doctor, and so forth. Almost like in the cosmic sense, Lust and Rhett got the kids they wanted in the end.