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Rev NC

Welcome to Sins Revenant, new reader or Venials reader that needs a reminder on past knowledge! With the end of the Venials storyline (archived here on the site still!), I offer this page as a crash course on everything you need to know about the previous series. It's not a lot, eh? The new Revenant series will reintroduce the characters and the world and, much like its name, the theme of revival is important, so you'll pick it up as you read on. Don't let those 1200+ pages of Venials intimidate you, catch up on this page, and read on! But, you know, if you have a free weekend, why not read over the Venials archive. I think it's an enjoyable story full of great moments and even better characters, but I'm a teensy bit biased.
If you are new, check out some of the other fun bits on the site in addition to the comics. The Forums button to the left of the page leads to the Sins Facebook fan page, the gallery has all kinds of fan art and random and fun art for the site, the Links page has banners you can use to share Sins with your friends and other comics you should be reading, the Original Sins button has a downloadable version of the first Sins comic series, the Cast page will catch you up with who these monsters are, the Swag page has all sorts of fun games and extras starring the Sins, Mercynaries is another comic I draw that you should totally read, and the Community page is host to projects involving the Sins audience like A Guy With Standards, a video series on game reviews and design discussions.

Posted by Pip

Sins Fugue Update

If you've come to this page from the Sins Fugue chapter, please see the Cast page for updated character profiles. If you haven't read Revenant yet, the Cast page might be a bit spoiler-y.

The Sins Fugue chapter starts here: