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Sins Manitou

Now that Transported has closed out its first series, it's time for the next project and we're welcoming back the Sins! The new series picks up after the end of Sins Revenant, some time has passed, and the Sins have mysteriously slipped into the shadows...

On our Patreon, Mercynaries will move to updating Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with Sins updating Tuesday and Thursday.

There will be an extended preview for free then it will follow the same archiving as Transported. Pages will go up for $1 Patrons and at the end of the month, the pages will be archived and only available to $4 Patrons.

If you need to catch up on the Sins's past adventures, here are some handy links!

The main Sins site:

A link to the original Sins book that started it all:

Sins Venials, the longest running series that introduced many elements and characters still in play today:

Sins Revenant, where the Sins leave the old human realm and return home:

Finally, Sins Fugue, the previous story that brought the Sins to the new human realm and introduced The Rulers:


Contact for questions or commissions:


Lulu (digital books):

Amazon (physical books):